The disturbing video reveals inmates of El Paso paying $ 2 an hour to maneuver our bodies of COVID-19 victims

As Americans die, President Donald Trump, who bragged about election victories in the state of Texas on Twitter, pats himself on the back again, this time for a coronavirus vaccine that, after initial attempts, is 94.5% effective. And it is a far cry from Trump to show any humility or empathy for the victims who died long before the vaccine was promised. The president tweeted on Monday: "Another vaccine has just been announced. This time from Moderna, 95% effective. For those great "historians", please remember that these great discoveries that will end the China plague all took place on my watch! "

Greg Abbott, governor of Texas, agrees with the president and also congratulates. "The Moderna vaccine announced today has been shown to be extremely effective in preventing Covid, ”he tweeted on Monday. “President Trump's Operation Warp Speed ​​is producing phenomenal results that will save millions of lives. This contributes to the drug therapies we sell today. "

However, when Abbott got an opportunity to take preventive action, he insisted, apparently focusing on promoting Trump instead, whenever his Twitter account is any clue. Judge Samaniego issued orders to close non-essential businesses from October 29 to December 1, but local business owners and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton blocked those efforts on appeal, The Texas Tribune reported. Companies can instead stay open with 50% capacity. Bars have to remain closed, but restaurants can serve food until 9 p.m., the newspaper reported.

The state now reports more than 1 million coronavirus cases and 19,559 deaths. That's more cases than any other state, the New York Times reported last week. The video received from KFOX shows inmates from El Paso County wearing clothes, masks and gloves as they load the bodies of COVID-19 victims onto mobile morgues. "I cry for El Paso," tweeted Eric Feigl-Ding, epidemiologist and health economist, on Saturday.


WARNING: May be annoying.

KFOX received video from inmates from El Paso County loading coronavirus patient bodies onto mobile morgues in the doctor's office.

Inmates appear to be wearing PPE, including masks, robes and gloves.

– Keenan Willard (@KeenanKFOX_CBS) November 14, 2020

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