The entire sudden Republicans wish to scrutinize Biden Nominees' tax returns

The Republicans have now finalized the tax returns of nominees and those in power, as they want to take a close look at Biden's nominees.

Outgoing Senate CFO Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) would like to review Biden Treasury nominee Janet Yellen's tax returns:

The outgoing Senate CFO @ChuckGrassley on Yellen. "I think she would get a favorable view." However, the Grading Committee must review your tax returns, etc., before making a final judgment

– Erik Wasson (@elwasson) November 30, 2020

Just a few months ago, in September, Grassley complained about Trump's tax returns: ‚ÄúThis information should never have been published, and whoever brought it out was breaking the law … I only have the President who says he has millions in taxes paid. And the New York Times prints what they think, and we don't have the facts to judge. But let me say that I would be very concerned about how it turned out. "

The Republicans defended Trump and his candidates, hiding their tax returns and wiping off any red flags that stood in the financial dealings of Trump and his cabinet candidates.

Now that Joe Biden becomes president, Senate Republicans have found religion in tax returns and are demanding that candidates like Janet Yellen be screened in minute detail.

The hypocrisy isn't unexpected or surprising, but it's proof that the Republican Party's underlying political cynicism will continue to be strong even after Trump's death.

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