The Home Justice Democrats are engaged on new impeachment proceedings towards Trump

House Judiciary Committee Democrats launch new impeachment proceedings against Trump that could be applied immediately.

Washington Post's Greg Sargent reported:
In the new impeachment proceedings being circulated among House Justice Democrats, it is argued that Trump has committed high crimes and misdemeanors and violated his oath to defend the constitution and loyal to the office of president by inciting violence on Wednesday .

One draft that is being circulated, the Democratic aide tells me that Trump is guilty of intentionally inciting violence against the United States government. It is noted that shortly before the convening of Congress to count the votes, Trump repeated false claims that he won the election and made statements that encouraged and predictably resulted in lawless violence in the Capitol.

The point of indicting Trump, rather than invoking the 25th Amendment, is that impeachment and conviction come with a lifetime ban on holding federal office. If Trump were indicted and convicted, not only would he no longer be a current threat to the country, but he would never be a future threat.

Impeachment and conviction would likely damage the Trump name to the point where none of his corrupt children could ever follow in his political footsteps.

The 25th amendment would neutralize the current Trump threat, but not protect the nation in the future.

Congress needs a long series of hearings or a lengthy impeachment process. If the bipartisan will exists, Trump could be convicted and removed within days.

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