The Ohio policeman who shoots Andre Hill inside 10 seconds of his encounter is launched

"It is outrageous and incomprehensible that an officer who responds to a non-911 call would by default come to the conclusion that Andre Hill is a threat and fire multiple fatal shots at him when Andre was only holding a cell phone" said Crump on a Twitter thread. His "death is another tragic example of the police tendency to view black people as criminals or dangerous, and it points to the need for extensive national police reform."

The lawyer issued a statement applauding public safety officials for their decision to fire Coy, who did not attend a disciplinary hearing but was represented by a local facet of the fraternal police force on Monday morning. "We look forward to reviewing all of the Bodycam footage and determining anything that led to Andre Hill's death," Crump said in the statement. "We need to redefine a relationship between police and color communities that will not be fatal." a black person using a cell phone to encounter a police officer. "

Public Safety Director Ned Pettus Jr. confirmed Columbus Chef Thomas Quinlan's recommendation to fire Coy Monday night. Coy had previously been stripped of his police powers, badge, and weapon and was eventually fired for failing to turn on his body camera, providing assistance, and violating the department's policies on the use of force. "The information, evidence and representations of Chief Quinlan as an investigator are, in my opinion, indisputable. His disciplinary advice is well supported and appropriate," said Pettus. "Adam Coy's actions do not meet the oath of a Columbus police officer or the standards we and the community demand from our officers."


Adam Coy's resignation from the Columbus Division of Police doesn't bring Andre Hill back to those who love him. I salute Security Director Ned Pettus and @ChiefQuinlan for their swift action in firing Mr. Coy.

– Mayor Andrew Ginther (@MayorGinther) December 28, 2020

It's unclear whether Coy will appeal his dismissal, a right to which his union contract is entitled, but in more than one case – 11 out of 14 over a decade – Columbus police officers were laid off, according to an investigation by local radio station WOSU .

Pettus said in a statement that The Columbus Dispatch in Coy's case "did not provide any known evidence that this use of lethal force was objectively reasonable". Quinlan issued a statement condemning Coy's actions, which are now the subject of a criminal investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. "When I became boss, I changed our core values ​​to include accountability," he wrote. "This is accountability. The evidence provided a solid rationale for the termination. Mr. Coy must now answer state investigators for Andre Hill's death."

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