The President should battle this

The Democrats and the media are trying to steal an election through a bum frenzy. They expect the American people to believe that the Associated Press will decide the winner of a presidential election, not the American people.

Trump has to fight that

The President, and especially the people, must continue to fight with all legal means at our disposal. The pressure will be great. Every part of the worst of America will be against us. But we have to keep fighting.

Today, as a Pennsylvanian, I had to explain to my son why his first vote meant nothing because of corruption
I have tempered it with the wisdom of my years trying to explain that life is not fair
I tried to further his hope in 🇺🇸 with the simple truth that @realDonaldTrump would keep fighting

– PKConred🚾 (@pkconred) November 6, 2020

This is nothing short of a coup de fact. Before the votes are counted, before the courts have their say, they want to present us with a fait accompli. That must be resisted. If not, America is over.

If so, this will become an authoritarian socialist nation. Free voices are silenced. Political opposition is not tolerated under the name of hate speech. This will become a poorer and twisted nation. We are in a historic moment when we are fighting or excluding our place as slaves to the government.

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Here's what you can do:

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What can you do? Hurt them in their wallets first. Deny any economic connection with any company that supports this coup. Do not read media that accept this. Do not do business with companies that accept this. Starve them the money to run their machines.

Next, take prudent measures at home. Arm yourself. Train your family in gun handling. Refill ammunition. This choice has not yet been lawfully decided. But if it is stolen from Biden, his acolytes have an opportunity to steal anything. That includes your freedom and your money. That could be done by force.

If you can, withdraw your children from public school. It's just indoctrination sessions. Find a home school or a private school that still values ​​freedom. If you can and have investments, move them out of the country. Starve this beast.

Take a look at foreign countries you might want to immigrate to. If Biden wins, America will be over for the time being. It can't come back. Like our ancestors, try to find a haven where you can practice freedom.

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This is a dark time in America. But midnight has not yet fallen. Don't be fooled by the hustle and bustle of the bum or the gentle words of the Democrats. They hate you They want your money. They want your blind obedience. Ultimately, they want your freedom.

The president can't give up. Until every vote is actually counted and not projected, he has to fight. Every court case, every legally cast vote, every voice that has not yet been suppressed keeps the clock one minute before midnight. The people who carry out these atrocities are celebrating tonight. If there is any justice left in this nation, that joy will soon turn to ashes in their mouths. If not, as has been the case for centuries for free peoples, there are other options.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on November 8th, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used with permission.

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