The Vox 2020 presidential election dwell weblog

It's a day before the 2020 presidential election, and millions of Americans have already cast their votes for President Donald Trump or former Vice President Joe Biden. Millions more are up for election on election day. In addition to the presidential election, voters in several states will also vote in Senate and House races, gubernatorial races, and several local election initiatives.

Today Trump and Biden will tour the country doing their final votes with the electorate. Trump is said to be campaigning in North Carolina while Biden is said to be camping in Pennsylvania. Most national polls show Biden is ahead, but the result is far from predetermined. Due to the large number of postal ballot papers this year, it can also take days for the votes to be counted.

Vox journalists will provide live news, analysis and the context behind the news throughout the day. Follow our live blog here for updates as we enter the last day of the campaign trail. Read more about Vox's 2020 election coverage here.

Live blog: the last day before election day

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