The White Home admits that Trump is intentionally sabotaging U.S. international coverage, so Biden will fail

Trump is trying to create so many foreign policy problems on his way out that Joe Biden will fail as president.

CNN reported:

The Trump team has created legally required transition notes outlining the policy challenges. However, there are no discussions about actions that could be taken or interrupted. Instead, the White House is racing ahead. A second official tells CNN that their goal is to start so many fires that it will be difficult for the Biden government to put them all out.


This strategy breaks radically with previous practice, could increase national security risks and certainly pose additional challenges for the Biden team – but it could also backfire. Analysts and those close to the Biden transition argue that the Trump team may be acting so aggressively that reversing some of its moves earns Biden slight points of goodwill and bargaining power with opponents.

In Trump's mind, he's running for president as early as 2024, so he's trying to destroy as much of the government as possible so Joe Biden can deal with foreign policy troubles from day one.

Donald Trump still doesn't understand who Joe Biden is. Biden is not a pushover. He has been active in foreign policy circles for decades. Much of what Trump is trying to tear down will be easily rebuilt by Biden and he will receive credit for it.

One of the main reasons Trump lost is because he only sees power in the negative. Donald Trump has no vision for the future. He's just trying to destroy the present. His negative conceptualization of power is why he only knows how to rip things off.

Joe Biden will be welcomed by the world and he will be able to build positive relationships and write the kind of story Trump dreamed of during his blank photo ops with Kim Jong-Un.

Listen to the segment from the following show courtesy of the Fox News Network:

Trump tries to burn everything down, but he doesn't realize he's sabotaging America, not Joe Biden.

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