Trump Blows A Gasket And Vows Govt Privilege Over 1/6 Committee Doc Request

Trump blew up after the 1/6 Committee requested a ton of documents related to his administration’s conduct during the Capitol attack.

Trump Ranted About Leftists And Vowed To Block The 1/6 Committee Document Request

Trump’s statement:

Trump is vowing to use “executive privilege” — a doctrine that protects the confidentiality of White House communications — to gum up the Select Committee investigation.
(A former president can still sue and make an executive privilege claim in court. It’d be a uphill battle.)

The failed former president doesn’t want the 1/6 Committee investigating the actions of his administration during the Capitol attack.

Trump does have executive privilege, all ex-presidents do, but…

Ex-President Executive Privilege Is Limited

There are basically three areas where an ex-president can assert executive privilege. If a document would jeopardize national security, law enforcement, or the deliberative process of the executive branch. That’s it.

Trump’s Odds Of Winning A Lawsuit To Keep The Documents Hidden Are Low

The Biden administration will cooperate with the document requests. Since the documents don’t fall into one of the three areas. Trump is trying to use executive privilege power that he doesn’t have to block an investigation into his attempt to overthrow the government.

Trump can’t block the 1/6 Committee from getting the documents, as his claim of executive privilege is as bogus as the lawsuit that he will file.

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