Trump cashes Florida and cancels $ 5.5 million advertisements

In a very risky move, Trump has canceled multi-million dollar ads in Florida to focus on Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Minnesota.

Bloomberg reported:

Trump now places his final bet on just four battlefield states: Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Polls show he's down in all of these states except Ohio, where it's actually effective.

The president has still budgeted $ 350,275 for ads in Florida by election day but has canceled $ 5.5 million in the last two weeks of the campaign. This is evident from data compiled by the advertising tracking company Advertising Analytics.

… ..

The Biden campaign added $ 41 million to its advertising budget on the home stretch and poured more money into every battlefield state except Texas. By Election Day, the campaign valued at $ 8.3 million in Florida, $ 7.1 million in Pennsylvania, $ 5.3 million in Michigan and $ 4.9 million in North Carolina.

The Trump campaign is backing their Florida floor game, but with over 6.4 million votes cast in the state, it's fair to ask how many votes will be left for a floor game on election day.

Democrats have organized masses across the country to support early voting and postal voting. Democrats know that early voting can make all the difference in elections. Polls have shown that Trump is losing double digits to Joe Biden in Minnesota. So the campaign's foray is a desperate shot in the dark that seems to be based on the closeness of the 2016 competition rather than any chance Trump has of winning in 2020.

Trump cashes Florida and his decision could turn the state over to Joe Biden.

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