Trump goes out as if he got here in: a wealthy tyrant who enjoys dishonest on the little folks

So it shouldn't come as a shock that Trump is threatening to defraud one of the contractors working on his Dead End Superspreader Tour. Somewhat more surprising is that Trump speaks about it openly because he apparently believes that cheating on the little guy is one of the charming things his supporters like. In fact, he thinks it is such a winner that he made it a regular part of his closing argument.

Trump was in Bullhead, Arizona on Saturday. When he took a position, he was apparently dissatisfied with the way the microphone was making a brief and apparently unique squeak. “Whoever made that microphone,” Trump said, “don't pay it. You know I have one Reputation not to pay, and it's a false reputation. If someone does a lousy job, like a microphone, that's no good. Or like teleprompters that fly with the wind, I say & # 39; don't pay them & # 39 ;. “Trump pointed to the teleprompter and waved his hand around as he said that line, so apparently he was asking this contractor to eat their expenses for the day as well.

Trump then told the crowd that the microphone operator was "likely a RINO". That line came right after the one in which he told them that RINOS are "the lowest form of human life."

But that was not all. Trump apparently thought this microphone was such a good line that he decided to try it out on his on the last night of the campaign Wisconsin supporters. Trump complained about the main microphone on his podium and walked across the stage to grab another one, the difference between the two being absolutely indistinguishable. After putting a contractor on stage, Trump humiliated the man.

"He's not nervous," Trump said as the man rushed to "fix" a microphone that wasn't broken at all. "I'll give you the name of his company, never use that company." Trump then complained that it was a bad thing not to pay your bills. "I'm not going to pay the bill for the company that makes this crazy microphone and they're going to make a story: 'Trump is a terrible person, he doesn't pay a bill.'"

Well, Trump is a terrible person. For many reasons.

If asked about these comments, Trump would surely claim it was all a joke. And of course it is – he never intended to pay any of the contractors involved in his rallies.

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