Trump marketing campaign with just a few days till the election

The Trump campaign is only days away from the November general election. The Biden campaign started with $ 177 million in the bank in October. In comparison, the Trump campaign is back on the home stretch at just $ 63.1 million.

"This is a massive turnaround for the Trump campaign, which has raised and spent more than $ 1 billion in this cycle, ”reported The Hill. "Trump started the year with more than $ 100 million in the bank compared to less than $ 10 million for Biden." The outlet notes that Trump's campaign "simply cannot compete against Biden in paid media if the president is behind in a series of national, state and district polls."

"You're in the last two weeks of a campaign, those numbers really tell you a story," said Robert Zimmerman, a member of the Democratic National Committee. “It shows you who has the energy, the base support and the momentum. The reality is that not only does the emperor have clothes, the emperor also has no campaign budget. "

Yesterday the New York Times reported that the Trump campaign "has far less money than advisors once anticipated for the final stage of the presidential election ”and that President Donald Trump“ cut millions of dollars in pre-booked television advertising and detoured from the battlefield states that will decide the election ” to close the finances gap.

Joe Biden remains a leader in battlefield states, according to recent polls.

ONE CNBC / Change Research Poll shows that Biden has maintained its lead in six major swing states. Biden is the leader in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, with 50 to 46 percent.

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