Trump supporters proceed planning violence because the second impeachment course of approaches

These threats are not difficult to imagine. Indeed, one of the Capitol's alleged attackers is already being charged with threats against MP Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez broken window to get to where lawmakers evacuated the Chamber of the House.

Kevin McCarthy, Chairman of the Minority House of Representatives, responded in his response to the attack on the Capitol, but even he was very aware of the threat to Congressmen and told his caucus not to attack any of their colleagues by name because "it puts people in danger. "

McCarthy said he had personally reached out to some Republicans – we can imagine what offenders that could have been – and stressed, "Don't raise another member's name on TV, whether they hold a different position or not. Let's respect each other and you probably won't understand what you're doing and I'm warning you right now – don't do it. "

The uprising instigated by Donald Trump will not go away all at once. The threats go on, and they are not just threats to individual members of Congress – they are threats to ongoing attacks on our democracy.

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