Trump's biggest advocate of electoral fraud refuses to scrutinize her personal election after making a severe mistake

Kelli Ward has been asked for the state presidency by numerous people, including Sergio Arellano, a small business owner in Tucson who lost his convention offer during the 2018 Blue Wave. With Trump's support, Ward won – hardly – with only 42 votes. Doubts surfaced, however, when one of the announced winners of another race, a committee member from the 8th Congressional District, was mistakenly told that she had lost her race. Kelli Ward attributed it to "human error".

Kelli Ward and the man she will die for, Donald J. Trump

The four presidency challengers asked Ward to review the ballot papers. In the words of Arellano:

This is not about the chairman's race, but about the integrity of the elections!

Ward should have left all of that behind, as these were very similar words she used when she asked for one Examination of the results of the President of Arizona. In a video response to all challengers and doubters who wanted their race for presidency to be scrutinized, Kelli Ward told them there would be no such thing and they could drink pounds of salt.

These are the final results of this election !!

And scene.

This was done without a hint of irony. Ward spent months accusing widespread electoral fraud with no evidence, even asking if people were willing to die to overthrow the election. But an audit for your own breed? Get out.

Trey Terry is the GOP Treasurer in the Legislative District, chaired by Sandra Dowling. She is the one who was originally declared the winner of her race and then said she lost. Terry was angry and didn't have it.

It's bad enough for Republicans to wage civil war in their national party, but Kelli Ward makes sure they have one at the state level – in a critical battlefield state.

Arizona has a gubernatorial race in 2022; It is another chance for the Democrats to take over the state parliament. Arizona has shown that it is turning blue for the last two cycles. Biden won it for the Democrats for the first time since 1948, and both Senators are now Team Blue. Maricopa County, the largest county, was always red, however Things changed quickly.

This is a state where the GOP really needs their A game, but they brought Q instead. Expect Ward to see their party lose all major races in 2022 and immediately declare fraud with no evidence. I promise you this will happen, and any retail outlet other than Fox or OAN will likely begin their interviews with them with something like "But back to YOUR race in 2021 …".

She really is the best candidate we could hope for.

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HT to Skohayes in comments for showing this tweet. The line, "You certainly don't allow a challenger who has lost an election to ask for something he is not entitled to" always makes me say: P.


NO AZGOP ELECTION CHECK: Kelli Ward said, “There is no procedure, process, or rule that allows it, and you certainly do not allow a challenger who has lost an election to ask for something he does not do that Is right. and we are not responsible for providing it. “Https://

– YvonneWingettSanchez @ (@yvonnewingett) January 29, 2021

Saturday, January 30, 2021 5:04:21 PM + 00:00 AM · · SemDem

Teran-Raquel-300x300.jpg "src =" "title =" Teran-Raquel-300x300.jpgRaquel Terán, Chairman of the AZ Democratic State

Our own Dave in AZ is secretary of the Cochise Democratic Party and a member of the state committee. He pointed out that the AZ GOP general assembly was held in a super-spreader event in a mega-church while the Dems were doing it through Zoom. He also pointed out that the Democratic State chairman is Raquel Teran, who is from the border town of Douglas, AZ in Cochise County.

No conspiracies, no solicitation to sacrifice for Biden, no civil war – just a very competent person focused on winning elections.

Oh and She said she would love to take an exam of her choice if asked to do so.

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