Trump's HHS director lies about how the US and the remainder of the world are doing

Secretary Azar's message to Chuck Todd's viewers was specifically about large "indoor gatherings". This is relevant due to the upcoming Halloween celebrations and Thanksgiving celebrations. Todd noted that Azar's statement was strange considering that Azar was only attending a rally last week with President Trump – the same President Trump who may still be COVID-19 positive. Azar said everyone at the indoor rally was socially distant – sort of – and all were offered masks. Of course, this means nothing if you are not wearing this mask. Todd pointed out that the message sent appears inconsistent as states like Wisconsin are seeing a surge in COVID-19 cases while Donald Trump flies into those areas to promote major superspreader events.

Here, Azar is trying to promote misinformation that does two things: it seeks to justify the Trump administration's current farewell tour of public health while ending the government's criminally negligent treatment of a pandemic that has claimed nearly a quarter of a million Americans lives. Azar says many countries that are locked have big waves. The implication here is that you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

This is not true. The fact is, the United States is actually number 1 in the world for the first time in years: death rates from COVID-19 and death rates in general during the pandemic. We're also the world leader in cases per 100,000 and deaths per 100,000. I think Azar is talking about how places like Aruba and Bahrain have worse case rates. Todd asks why it was so "difficult" for the president to deliver a public health message that would actually save thousands, if not tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of lives.

ALEX AZAR: I think it's a difficult message for all western democracies. We see that in Europe. The American people have given so much. The people of Europe gave so much, Chuck. They were locked up, isolated. But they are tired. But the point is we're so close Stay with us. We are so close …

Azar was a Trump hack during this process and can rightly be blamed for much of the misinformation and confusion in certain sections of the American public regarding COVID-19. He attacked Americans and front responders instead of the virus. If we lived in a righteous universe, Alex Azar would soon be spending some time in jail along with the hundreds of Republican activists and scammers who have got us where we are now.

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