Trump's Hunter Biden smears are primarily based on a doc from a pretend intelligence firm

A new report released Thursday shows that a "dossier" that laid the groundwork for right-wing conspiracy theories about Hunter Biden is, in fact, the work of a "fake" intelligence agency.

According to NBC News, "the Hunter Biden dossier, which went viral on right-wing Internet sites and was later distributed by Trump's close associates, appears to have come from a fake" intelligence company. "

NBC Exclusive: The Hunter Biden dossier, which went viral on right-wing websites and was later distributed by Trump's close associates, appears to have come from a fake intelligence company.

The report's author, "Martin Aspen", does not exist.

– Kyle Griffin (@ kylegriffin1) October 29, 2020

The report said: “Despite the questionable authorship and anonymous retrieval of the document, claims that Hunter Biden had a problematic connection with the Chinese Communist Party were used by opposition to the Chinese government and by far-right influencers. to accuse candidate Joe Biden of indebtedness to the Chinese government. "

The fake dossier is part of a wider attempt by Trump and his right-wing allies to hurt Joe Biden and help Donald Trump in the final days of the presidential campaign.

A failed October surprise from a desperate campaign

As NBC News noted in its report, the smear campaign against Hunter Biden is part of Trump's "failed October surprise," which is set to revive his struggling re-election campaign.

Outside of Fox News Airwaves and right-wing Twittersphere, however, the Hunter Biden-China conspiracy theory is hardly a discussion. It's just not something sensible Americans think about.

As coronavirus cases explode at record levels and the economy continues to fluctuate marginally, Donald Trump is advancing conspiracy theories based on fake information and written by people who don't exist.

No wonder the polls show that the president is only a few days behind the counting of votes.

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