Trump's October shock commits the last word political sin – it's not solely unimaginable, it's boring

Giuliani began telling the same story in 2019, which somehow turned out to be exactly what he found on the mysterious laptop that was taken to a Trump-sponsoring repair shop by an anonymous person and given to a blind shopkeeper whose surveillance cameras were up to date . It is the most amazing coincidence. In fact, the story is so ridiculous that social media sites not only toss it in the trash, but the media, which reliably ran everything Giuliani has brought them in the past, are increasingly reluctant to play along.

Trump and Company have now given up defending the real story. Instead, they moved on to the story about the story … some kind of meta-lie. Because somehow they think that's better.

The only thing that the Trump / Giuliani scheme seems to have achieved is to have the phrase "Hunter Biden's laptop" repeated with metronomic regularity. This is despite the fact that there is no reason to believe that the laptop salvaged from the Wilmington store actually belonged to Joe Biden's surviving son. Not only did the laptop come in with no identifiable source, but it also came in at a time when Hunter Biden lived on the opposite coast. And a quick review of the documents on that laptop seems to suggest that several were created after the date the store owner states the laptop was dropped off.

Overall, it looks like not just a scam intended to give Giuliani another opportunity to bring forward the same lies, but a clumsy scam. In fact, the only thing stopping it from looking like a Russian build is that everything looks so amateurish. Maybe Team Putin is really that bush league. It's almost disappointing.

Giuliani's claims are so bad that even the pro-Trump networks were reluctant to fully accept the story. If you can't get OAN to work with your Trump-endorsed conspiracy theory, you've stepped into a zone where the underground lizardmen who control the kid-based pepperoni network in the pizza cellar are turning red.

But as Politico explains, that doesn't mean Trump is ready to drop this story. Sure, there's an understandable reluctance to post unsubstantiated emails in which Hunter Biden delivers scenes from a mob movie – if only because no one believes Joe Biden would make a good brando. Instead, they started a two-part Plan B.

Part one is the publication of pictures of a supposed Hunter Biden, who supposedly came from the mysterious laptop. These pictures are now on "a Chinese website partially owned by Steve Bannon. “Because there is no better way to show that your team is the one sticking to China than getting China to help you lubricate Biden.

Part two is something that's more down in Trump's alley … to complain. Rather than advancing the original conspiracy theories that no one including Trump's allies will take up, Trump's campaign pushes the idea that no one will take up the laptop story because they are all involved in it. Giuliani even broadcast podcasts to complain that people aren't giving him time to repeat his lies on TV. And if there's one thing this nation needs, it's more free airtime for Rudy Giuliani.

Rather than talking directly about Biden, Trump's team is now focusing on the story of how no one will post their thoroughly exposed material. For example, Twitter continues to "censor" Donald Trump, but they never touch Joe Biden's posts. The truth is that Trump continues to deliberately violate the site's Terms of Service, while Biden does not. But the "People Censor Trump" story is at least something traditional conservative outlets are willing to touch with a 10.5-foot pole.

If the umpteenth coming of the Hunter Biden story was already a poor pick for the October surprise, this meta-fiction about this story is incredibly weak. The planted laptop story has already failed. The story of how people wouldn't treat the laptop story planted doesn't have enough warmth to be recognized.

Seriously, if you're expecting anything from Trump, it's more interesting lies. It's not even worth being outraged.

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