Voters are passing pro-worker legal guidelines that go away Congress behind within the conflict towards employees this week

The presidential and senate elections were the headlines on Tuesday and the rest of the week, but it's worth mentioning a few key spots where voters said yes to election measures that improve the lives of working families a little. In Florida, voters passed a $ 15 minimum wage change. It's moving very slowly and won't reach $ 15 until 2026, but it's moving forward. If you're wondering if WTF is giving more than 60% support for a minimum wage increase while Donald Trump won the state, we welcome you to Florida. State voters did exactly the same thing in 2004, voting for George W. Bush and an increase in the minimum wage.

Colorado voters passed family paid vacations. The state parliament did not pass such a law, so the organizers brought it to the voters and won. The law, which won't come into effect until 2024, allows for up to 12 weeks of paid vacation at 65% to 90% of their pay, up to $ 1,100 per week. It is financed through an income tax.

And Arizona voters approved a high-income household tax to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for education. It did so after teachers in Arizona went on strike in 2018 over school funding.

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