"We simply can't have it": MSNBC refuses to ship Trump's "harmful" tackle to the nation

Donald Trump addressed the nation Thursday night, and MSNBC cut it off almost immediately after it launched, calling it too "dangerous" to air.

"It wasn't done as a stunt or outside of the theater," said Brian Williams of the network's decision to part ways with Trump. "We just can't have it. It wasn't rooted in reality. And at this point where our country is, it's dangerous."

Nicolle Wallace also incriminated Trump's remarks, calling them "one of the more dangerous acts Donald Trump took as President".

"I'm proud to work on a network that didn't contribute to what Trump just did," she added.


"We just can't have it," said Brian Williams of MSNBC's decision to cut Donald Trump's dangerous speech almost immediately after it began.

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) November 6, 2020

Donald Trump's review is no longer enough

As both Brian Williams and Nicolle Wallace pointed out on Thursday, the United States is like a tinderbox right now, largely because Donald Trump so wishes.

Allowing Trump to control the air waves without a filter is dangerous. It just adds more fuel to the fire he started during this electoral process and undermines democracy.

It is no longer enough to retrospectively review this president. Refusing to give Donald Trump airtime is the only way to limit the damage he wants to do on the way to the door.

MSNBC made the right call by cutting off Donald Trump. Other networks would be wise to follow suit.

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