Whereas the GSA continues to dam the Biden crossing, Murphy's pals defend their foot-dragging

This last part is no doubt particularly true. She is now the linchpin of all of our nation's democracy, and no matter what she does next, she is becoming an utterly hated person for part of the American people.

Even Murphy's friends and co-workers can't really explain why Murphy waffles over the decision that Biden really did win the most votes. We learn that she seems to believe the current situation is analogous to the 2000 presidential election where neither George W. Bush nor Al Gore could win the presidency without Florida, which was in a recount that only got hundreds of votes the two separated and which resulted in Republican attorneys coming into the state to sue them and physically threatening them to stop recounts, which further undermined Bush's tiny leadership, and then the Supreme Court stepped in to try the Americans Saving tragedy of not knowing who would be the next president Be for weeks declaring that our pathetic citizens cannot possibly carry such a burden, so fuck everyone, Bush wins.

Murphy appears to have convinced himself that Biden, who wins Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia with recountable profit margins, is very similar to the 2000 fiasco, but of course not, and no one can explain why Murphy himself would be plausible think so. The charitable nonprofit is less than 1% likely that any of these states will flip their results because of a shocking systemic flaw. The likelihood that the necessary two or three of them will screw things up, all in the same direction, is a fraction of that. Trump's attempts to file Florida-style lawsuits in each of the states were turned to fine dust the moment the judges asked the campaign what evidence it has for one of their claims.

If the election results are to be turned upside down, they would have to come from forces outside the actual system of voting and justice combined. It won't happen based on the votes actually cast by Americans and counted by the nation's officials. It is almost impossible. Even according to her allies, Murphy is examining hoof prints and trying to determine if they were made by the horse we all saw on live television or the invisible unicorn that the mad king of the nation broke into his home to get the cutlery to steal .

Despite the fluff job of their allies, it's obvious what's going on here. Murphy doesn't really think the unicorn could come. But Murphy rightly fears that the moment she recognizes that Trump has no plausible electoral victory claim, other than things that threaten to overthrow democracy itself, the target of Trump's wrath, she will be immediately fired and threatened with death is welcomed by Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson's audience of rabid fascist conspiracy freaks. So she's going to pull this out for as long as possible in the hope that Trump himself will admit defeat and put the whole thing up for discussion.

It's an understandable position. Maybe not the brave one, but an understandable one.

The resolution here is likely to come soon, simply because states are confirming their results and converting the polling numbers reported so far into official, final versions in which the bureaucracy has no room for ambiguity. Eventually the horse will look everyone in the eye and say, "Go ahead."

What might help is if Murphy's friends can convince them that the standard of evidence for this "determination" of a winner should never take into account every possible light strike, asteroid strike, demon summoning, and other million-to-one events that could theoretically be between the winner and the election his eventual assumption of office. Indeed, it is possible that Biden will be eaten by a bear between now and January. However, this does not mean that Biden and his entire team cannot prepare for the presidency until then, as a group of bureaucrats once read about a bear eating someone and cannot completely rule it out.

Biden will be prevented from receiving classified national security information, his selection of top government posts will be prevented from being vetted, his entire team will be kept in the dark about what the current administration in each department is doing in anticipation of his victory. and nothing happens when a pandemic response moves from one administration to the next. Providing these things is not a significant burden on the government or the people, even if the craziest ways resulted in Biden not being sworn in next January. Blocking these preparations burdens the nation in very real and significant ways and threatens the security of the nation.

Murphy is doing damage here, and whether she's doing it out of technocratic attempts to rule out even the most absurd possible twists and turns of the plot, or just because she doesn't want to be the face that Tucker Carlson accuses his allies of the white nationalist militia, it always produces still the same result. If Murphy wants to combine her "determination" of the winner with a long, long note stating that this is just a bureaucratic decision that doesn't take into account Donald Trump's very real right to legal shit and shouldn't prejudice any courts he is like, we would all understand.

However, there is no plausible argument that these election results are ambiguous than the results that initially put Donald Trump into office. If a coup is going to take place, that's one thing, but there is no technocratic reason for the bureaucracy to provide a picnic area for it to show up.

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